About Ashland in Motion

Mission, history and facts


Ashland in Motion’s mission is to work together with the community and civic leaders to revitalize downtown Ashland, Kentucky in order to maintain a vibrant environment that inspires cultural and economic growth.


about-1Ashland in Motion began as a non-profit organization in 1989, formed by community and civic leaders who saw a need for an organization devoted to the preservation, revitalization, and growth of downtown. The organization was originally known as Ashland Main Street, a division of the National Main Street Center. In 2014 the organization became independent, and despite the name change, the mission and goals of the organization remain the same.

Ashland in Motion is dedicated to the revitalization of downtown Ashland and maintaining a vibrant environment that fosters and inspires cultural and economic growth. Since its beginnings, the organization acts as an advocate for local business, unites the community in the name of progression and policy change, and proudly hosts downtown events that celebrate business, arts, and culture.

Facts (FAQ)

Is Ashland in Motion a non-profit organization?

Yes! Ashland in Motion is a 501(c)3 status non-profit organization since its beginnings in 1989.

Has Ashland in Motion worked under a previous name?

Ashland in Motion previously operated as Ashland Main Street. Ashland in Motion became an independent organization in 2014.

Is Ashland in Motion a division of the City of Ashland?

Ashland in Motion is an independent organization that was founded by community leaders in 1989 and continues to work closely with civic and community leaders to carry out AIM’s mission.

Is Ashland in Motion a division of Ashland Alliance (Chamber of Commerce) or Ashland Area Convention and Tourism Bureau?

No, although Ashland in Motion does work closely with area organizations to fulfill its mission. Ashland in Motion also offers a 20% membership discount to businesses who are also members of Ashland Alliance.

How does AIM receive its funding?

Ashland in Motion is a member-based organization, therefore the majority of funding is generated by membership dues and tax-deductible donations.

Does Ashland in Motion receive funding from the City of Ashland?

Ashland in Motion does receive generous funding from the City of Ashland when allowed by the city’s annual budget, although the organization relies on member-based funding to support AIM projects and initiatives.

Are donations made to Ashland in Motion tax-deductible?

Yes! Ashland in Motion is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, therefore business and individual donations are tax-deductible.

Who can become a member of Ashland in Motion?

Anyone! Ashland in Motion has membership plans that are designed for businesses, individuals and families. Memberships include exciting incentives and are tax-deductible.